Eight Make Money Online Ideas

Written by: dc admin on 17 Jan 21 | Post last edited: 02 Feb 21

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Can you really make money online?

Have you found yourself struggling due to the impact of the global pandemic? Our guide below will help you understand the various ways you can quite easily set up a side hustle to bring in that extra income and help you bounce back. All it needs is a little bit of dedication time and self belief to get started and things will soon start to help you see the benefit!

#1 - Ebay / Craigslist

Lets face it, we all have old or unwanted items laying around. Why not take the time to have a rummage and pick out some of your items which could be very useful for others and make some money at the same time. Its really a no-brainer when it comes to recycling some items. Ebay often hold $1 or £1 listing weekends so be sure to keep an eye out on those.

#2 - Paid Survey Sites

There are many many market research companies who like to recruit new members from all over the world to complete surveys in return for cash payments. They rely on people just like you sharing their opinions online. You can choose to answer surveys across many topics from Donal Trump to the latest iPhone. We have a detailed blog post coming soon which will outline a review on using paid survey websites, so be sure to look out for that! In the meantime, here's a list of the five best (and most reputable) survey websites that we would recommend:

They really are easy to get started with and, if you are not currently working then this would be an ideal way to start bringing in a bit of income. You could quite easily build up to a minimum of $100 dollars per week if you put the time in.

#3 - Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment method that doesn’t require your business to keep the products that you are selling in stock. The way this works is instead, the your online store sells the product and passes on the sales order information to a third party supplier who ships the product direct to the customer. The whole process can be automated and can be a great money maker, however great detail and thought is required to ensure your website and niche are marketed in the right way.

One great platform to help you get started on this is Shopify who also offer a 14 day free trial.

#5 - Fiver / Freelancing

Are you skilled in specific areas? can you offer any services to others? Fiverr is a great platform for offering services or even buying services from other freelancers. This can be great and can even be tied in with some of the other 'Make money online' options in this list. For example you could set up a drop shipping website yourself and pay someone on Fiverr to market your business, or even the other other way around. You might become so good at setting up a drop shipping website that you could offer this as a service on Fiverr. It has been known for people to make 100's of thousands of dollars through this platform.

#6 - Affiliate Marketing / CPA Marketing

Do you already have a website? or a large following on one of the social media platforms? If you do there are so many ways to do affiliate marketing. Look out for our posts on this which will provide a plenty of advice on how to make huge amounts of money. In the mean time we would recommend getting yourself registered with some affiliate networks such as Max Bounty and Clickbank.

#7 - Start a Youtube Channel

Everyone is passionate about something right? Why not take this passion and feed it into creating content on your own YouTube channel to talk about your experience of your passion or interest? There are millions of like-minded individuals who will frequently search this platform to find out more in a particular subject. If you don't like the idea of going on camera to a public audience then you can always do screen shares or display images or other video whilst you use your voice to talk. Once you have built up enough followers/subscribers and are releasing enough content (even if they are short 4 minute clips) you will be offered an option to monetize from your channel. Again you could use the Fiverr platform to get content created or market your channel to the right audience. Having your own channel is easy to set up and can bring in thousands of dollars in revenue which is why the platform is so proving to be so popular.

#8 - Create an online course

Good at photography? or graphic design? or even at playing the guitar? If you are able to create some videos in sections over a couple of hours then it would be worth thinking about this and effectively selling your course via the platform Skillshare. You might just want to learn more about a particular subject and if so then this would be a great starting point. For example you might want to learn more about photography so sign up and complete a course on skillshare then transfer these skills in some way to your YouTube channel. There are endless opportunities!

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