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Post by DigitalCrunchAdmin | November 25th, 2020 | Last edited: 26th November 2020

With so many VPN Providers around, we decided to review one of the most popular provders out there after being a customer for well over a year.

Express VPN are often the top rated and most heard-of vpn provider in the market. We believe this is due to a combination of things including a great reputation alongside their reasonable and tiered pricing structure. However, with that aside we can honestly say we have been very happy with the service they have provided us with in recent months.
They have a whopping 3000+ VPN Servers in 160 locations across the globe serving in 94 countries, which has meant that there has never been any down time or huge loss in internet speeds.


Speeds will vary massivley depending on where in the world you are and the location of the server you are connecting to. However, we have found with Express VPN and the vast volume of their servers they have available round the globe we were able to sucessfully test the speeds for the purpose of multiple use cases. For example, we have tested for streaming, downloading, torrenting and gaming. All of which were able to perform as if they were not connected to a vpn service. The pure value for money and solid performance we have experienced with the speed has enabled us make use of Express VPN without any hiccups.


One reason you might want a vpn is for streaming. Other than ensuring your online activity is protected the chances are that you want to watch geographically restricted content online but can't in your current region. This could be sports, or seeing what other movies or TV shows they have on Netflix in another country. We have been luckily enough to test express vpn on various streaming platforms. Their service works seamlessly on the platforms shown below. Of course this list keeps on growing as more and more streaming platforms are released.


Express VPN go that one step further and provide you with some additional features which are bundled into all their packages. The first being a 'Kill Switch' which will guarantee your device wont leak your ip address or location or send any of your data unencrypted. This is also known as a 'Network Lock'.

Split tunnelling is the next feature which enables your internet traffic to be split by application or device, meaning you can stream foreign movies while also using web services from local IP addresses or accessing your network printer whilst also surfing the internet securely. Express VPN's third feature is a full fetured speed test which is designed to help you find the fastest vpn location to connect to. It features the latency in ms, and connection speed in kbps. We found this to be really useful when it comes to needing the highest available speed.


To put it simply, the device compatibility with ExpressVPN is superb. You will struggle to find a device which you cannot use the vpn service with. At The Digital Crunch we use Apple Macbooks and iMacs, and simply use their Max OSX app which makes use of the additional built in features. You can also configure the vpn connection at the router level where all users connecting to the wifi will benefit from the VPN connection. This is often tricky to get right as not all devices need to be connected at any one time which is why there are many options available for you. You simply register with Expressvpn, login, and get an activation code which you can use to activate your service in one of many options they provide. They also have a great set up page where you can get support on how to install and set up.

Customer Service

We have only had to contact Express VPN Customer Service team on the one occasion, but we can honestly say that the service we recived was second to none. Our Express VPN app stopped working correctly, however this was our own fault and due to us upgrading our MacOSX operating systems early using the Apple Beta programme. Unfortunatley this meant that Express VPN had not officially released an up to date version of their app for the public to use.

We were really happy when we contacted ExpressVPN via their live chat service when they responded immediatley and advised we would be able to download their newest version early to enable their service to continue working (they had been developing the new version in anticipation for release). The new install worked instantly and resolved our problem, overwriting the previous app version. They later released the new app to the public. So our overall response time was super quick, and super helpful. They have the option to log a support ticket, live chat or sending an email. We we're even given a small reimbursment for the duration of time in our subscription that we we're unable to use their VPN - now hows that for service!

Set-up and Ease of Use

Getting set up with ExpressVPN really was a walk in the park. From choosing the option (Monthly, 6 months, or Annual) to paying and getting connected all must have taken less than 10 minutes. They have many options in which you can pay including all the major bank cards (Visa / Mastercard etc) as well as Paypal if you want additional security. For complete annonymity you can also pay using various Crypto Currency. We we're then able to log in after recieving a confirmation email and choose which device we wanted to connect. This took us to the set up page where we could either download a number of apps or look at the guide for getting set up. The interface in the apps are really clear and easy to understand when and when you are not connected. We can't fault this aspect at all.

Our Overall Experience and Rating

Overall, we would give ExpressVPN 5 stars: 5/5

We have scored them this high because we have been sitting here really trying to find some downsides to using the service and we honestly cannot find one! Everything just works - and this is most likely why they are one of the most popular VPN providers. Even when it comes to the price, its just so reasonable - especially when you break it down by the daily cost over the year (or 15 months!) - this accounts to just pennies!

Express VPN Current Offers

The current deal that ExpressVPN are offering is 15 Months for the price of 12 - Thats right, they are giving away three FREE months. With this in mind they are very competitive when compared to other VPN providers in the market right now, but be quick - this is an exclusive offer and they can withdraw this offer (and most likely will) as soon as a number of signs ups have been made. The good thing is with ExpressVPN is that they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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